Bouzoukitara – One body, three souls

In 2011, Yossi decided to plan an instrument that would later become an “embodiment of his musical journey”.
What first began as a seeking for an efficient way to switch between his acoustic Greek Bouzouki to his electric guitar, gave birth to the “Bouzoukitara” – a unique instrument that combines a traditional acoustic Bouzouki with an electric solid-body guitar.

Together with Luthier Benjamin Millar, he was able to transform his design into reality. The double-neck instrument has a shared surface, so when one guitar is played it resonates to the open strings of the other guitar, thus allows him to produce some unique sound layers, for example when playing the Electric guitar while recording the Bouzouki going through a Pre-amp or overdrive, capturing the sympathetic harmonies & over-tones it generates.

In the summer of 2013 he began working on a new design, code-named “Mark II”. Aided again by Luthier Benjamin Millar, they were able to transform the design into reality – a double-neck instrument, combining acoustic guitar, electric guitar and an acoustic/electric bouzouki!
Featuring various modifications from the first model in ergonomics, wood choice, pick-ups, functionality, less weight, new neck angles and much more – “This one of a kind instrument is all you can ask for!”

Bouzoukitara specifications


  • Set necks, double action truss rods
  • Soundboard / top – Alpine Spruce
  • Mahogany Body.
  • Mahogany necks / Rosewood fretboards
  • Maple binding, b/w/b purfling
  • Weight – 3.9 kg (8.6 lbs)


  • Gotoh/Wilkinson VS-100N bridge
  • Sperzel tuners
  • Loxx strap locks


  • Guitar pickups – Bare Knuckle Nailbomb set
  • Bouzouki pickup – Savvas (Black)
  • Piezo pickup – Graphtech ghost saddles
  • Graphtech Acoustiphonic piezo preamp
  • Separate output jacks for Guitar / Bouzouki / Piezo


  • “Blood burst” Nitro finish